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You can Chat with any other Ezian user who is also online.  To Chat, choose the person you would like to chat with and click Chat from the opening screen.  You will be able to chat one-to-one, or you will be able to bring other Ezian users into the same chat window. 

Also, of course, other Ezian users will be able to initiate chats with you if they see you are online.

How Ezian finds others Ezian users online
To chat with another Ezian user you must first exchange email with them.  It's that simple.  Ezian then finds them when they are online. 

Of course, those users, like you, can limit which of their identities they wish to have shown as online.

Letting other Ezian users know you are online
With Ezian you can have multiple identities (click on Prefs from the main menu), and you can show which of these identities are online in Chat Prefs.  Just uncheck the box for the identity and other users will not find you online. 

Inviting someone to Chat
On the opening Ezian screen choose the person you would like to chat with and click the Chat button.   If you only have one identity you will go immediately to the Chat window, but if you have several identities then you will see the Identity panel.