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How do you make an email friend visible in your Chat window?

  1. To chat in Ezian, each participant must have Ezian.
  2. Simply exchange email with the person you wish to chat with.
  3. While reading their email (and they must do the same) click the Add button.
  4. Their name is added to the address book.
  5. If you have previously added their name to the address book, merely receiving their email should register them with you for chat visibility, but if the name is not entered exactly as they have it on their return address, it may not register.
  6. If you click the Add button (for those you already entered) while reading their email you can insure that they will be visible in the Chat Window.
  7. After this if they are online, when you highlight their name and click Chat from the main menu you will be able to invite them to chat.
  8. Also, you can click Chat while highlighting "blank entry," and see who is online, then invite whomever you wish directly from the Chat window.