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How do you send questions or comments directly to Ezian?

There are four ways to send comments to Ezian Company.
  1. Send an email
    1. Highlight Ezian Support on main menu and click Write.
    2. Click Write again to compose an email.  Click Send now.

  2. Use a special form
    1. Click the Prefs button on main screen, then the Sending tab.
    2. Click the Report button.
    3. Write your comments, including your return email address, and click OK.

  3. Use the form on our web page
    1. Go to and click on "Contact us" link.
    2. Use the email form there to write your message.

  4. Chat directly with Ezian Support
    1. Highlight "Ezian Support" on Ezian main screen.  Click Chat.
    2. If Support is online, you can chat live.  If not, you can click to send email.