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How do you interpret the Events messages?

  1. Just observe mail sent messages:
    10:04 sent to
  2. Go read mail shown in received messages:
    11:16 Got 6 email(s) from account
  3. Take action on failure to send: Like:
    09:44 Failed to send to
  4. You may also see other reasons for failure to send (can be strangely worded):
    09:55 Failed to connect to server Host is unreachable. 12:32 PM Failed to connect to server "": Server not connected
  5. Take action: if host is unreachable, check the recipient's email address; maybe you typed it wrong or it is not a valid one.
  6. If you had a server not connected, try later or re-connect to the internet.
  7. If an email continues to fail to send, click Read from main screen, then Outbox and delete the message, or it will continue to send.
  8. Take action on failure to receive: (can be strangely worded).
    10:16 AM POP3 problem with server: - ERR /usr/mail/.fred.pop lock busy Is another session active? (35)
  9. Take action: This is from typical internet congestion. It will happen. If you have automatic pickup for this identity, do nothing, you will get it later.
  10. If you are clicking Get to get it manually, then just try again later.
  11. If you receive a missed chat invitation while your computer was unattended, send an email in response, or invite them to Chat.