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How do you print an email to a text file?

  1. You must set up Windows to be able to print to a file.
  2. Click Start (on Windows taskbar) then Settings then Printers.
  3. Choose Add Printer.
  4. From the printer list choose one called "Generic/text only"
  5. Complete that setup.  (you only have to do this once)
  6. Select an email in Ezian Mailbox.  Click Print button.
  7. On windows Printer panel click dropdown menu arrow.
  8. Select "Generic/text only" entry, and click OK.
  9. A windows file saving screen shows.
  10. You will see a place to enter a file name showing a suggested, *.prn extension.
  11. You can type any file name, and any text extension like ".doc" if you like.
  12. Using a ".doc" extension will display it in the wordpad when you click on it from your file manager, or for those you might send it to as an attachment.