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Ezian is a company dedicated to the principles that software should be easy to use, that it should be intuitive, and that it should be fun. 

Headed by two veterans of the industry with an impressive track record, it focuses on the following principles:

  1. Good software is first and foremost a tool to make life simple.
  2. Good software responds to the way people think, work and have fun.
  3. The interface always invites exploration.
  4. Exploration is always revealing of functions.
  5. A user cannot get lost when exploring.
  6. Screens always are the response to: "What would you like to do?"
  7. Simplicity is always favored over complications of option choices.
  8. Common conventional multi-step tasks are simplifed as action features.
  9. Give the user minimal surprise; things should work as expected.
  10. The same function in different locations should have the same appearance.
  11. When something happens the user gets feedback that satisfies.
  12. When a user asks a Tech support question, it means the interface has failed to help the user.
  13. Adding features means adding complexity; ensure that the added power exceeds the added complexity.