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Creating a new Name or Group

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Bring up this panel by selecting "Blank entry" on the opening screen, then clicking Name.  Or you can start to edit an existing name, then click the New button to display the panel shown.

It starts out ready to add a new name.  You can also add a new Group.

Notice that the New and Delete buttons are now grayed out because they do not apply when adding a new name.  The OK button is grayed out until the fields are ready. The email address must be typed in the correct format which is a name and @ symbol, the service name a dot and then the two or three letter extension as in:  After you type in the name and address, the OK button shows in black lettering again.

Fill in the blanks with name and  email address
Type in the name and email address of the person you are entering into the addressbook.  After you fill in the name and the email address in the proper format.  the OK is no longer greyed out. Select an identity to with this person.  Click OK to save to the addressbook.