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Ezian is a development project spawned from a vision of email for the masses. Phil Mayes and Sam Redman are the joint founders of the company.  Both Mayes and Redman have enjoyed distinguished careers in software development, and both Mayes and Redman, uniquely, have long nurtured passions for the development of superior, easy email software.

Phil Mayes has had a remarkable career as a highly skilled software developer with a track record beginning as a programmer in England in the late sixties.  Since that time he has produced an absolutely remarkable volume of  proven, leading edge, commercial application software, literally through every phase of computer development through the past three decades. In that time he has been the recipient of numerous developmental awards, and is recognized by his associates as one of the top computer scientists today. Mayes is an entrepreneur, founding Olive Branch Software in 1982, developing many successful products.  Mayes is a programmer, and a manager of programmers.  He has a command of  the range of software developmental systems, being one of those rare individuals who has written tight, well documented code in 8086 assembler, as well as IBM 1401, Univax and Vax assembler.  He was the principal scientist in the development of Lucid-3D, a spreadsheet first for DOS and later for Windows.  The DOS version was given the 1987 Technical Excellence award by  PC Magazine. He was the sole developer of Lightning, a disk cache for MS-DOS, which won the "Best of 1986" award by PC Magazine.  It was during the eighties, when Mayes and Redman worked together on several development projects.  They established a rapport and explored their mutual interest in the development of simple, easily understood user interface mechanisms.

In the nineties Mayes turned his attention to the development of internet applications, and was the co-developer of SafeSearch, an Internet content filter. He was the co-developer of the Web browser in InterGo, an integrated Internet product. 

Also in the late nineties, Mayes conducted the development of a superior program for the Palm Pilot.  Mayes' product is called  Arranger, a remarkable outlining program which is fully integrated with Palm Pilot apps.  Arranger is a ZDNet Editors' pick. 

Mayes has long nurtured a personal interest in the development of better software for group communication and, independently of his association with Redman, conducted research into new ways of achieving better email communication. 

 When the Ezian project was conceived by the joint efforts of Phil Mayes and Sam Redman in 1998, the combination of their experience and passion for "software that makes sense" established the basis for the development of Ezian, easy email software. 



Sam Redman has an interesting background as a research chemist, an entrepreneur and also as a software developer. Redman has founded several companies.  His business startups include Elastolabs Corporation with its unique microporous polymeric invention for liquid metering, MicroWell, sold to Pitney Bowes in 1973, and three industrial handcleaner manufacturers, Texas Novachem (now ProSoap),  1975, Redman Scientific (now MeanGreen), 1981,  and Earth Productions (Worx), 1992.  Redman began his work with computers in the late seventies using early spreadsheets to build mathematical models to facilitate his chemical laboratory projects. 

In 1983, Redman was the founder of PCSG, later named Lucid Corporation, and in that tenure, along with Phil Mayes, he was responsible for the projects and the teams which won Product of the Year awards, and in 1987, the PC magazine Technical Excellence award for Application Software, as well as many other distinctions for developmental accomplishment.  Redman began an obsession to develop easy-to-use email in the mid and late eighties when, as hard as it is to comprehend today, he had a difficult time convincing anyone that email had much of a future.  In the late eighties, Sam Redman was an evangelist for the future of email.   In his work at Lucid, he designed remarkable new email programs with easy-to-use interfaces for the PC, and for the new Sharp Wizard which were intuitive to learn and fun to use.  Although primitive compared to the Ezian program, these products represented a departure from email at the time, and demonstrated Redman's philosophy that software needs to be simple, understandable and enjoyable to use. There was considerable potential user interest and enthusiasm for those programs.  Redman left Lucid after selling the company to the diversified Indonesian international giant, Sampoerna Corporation, where some of those projects were continued. 

Email, of course, as Redman predicted, grew to become the most widely used application on the computer.  And while he was content to pursue other interests, Redman's desire for simple easy to use email continued unabated.  After a few years of using the available email programs, he realized that the best email software had yet to be developed. 

In 1998, Sam Redman renewed his friendship with Phil Mayes.  In the course of reviving their ongoing conversations about their shared passion for a simple easy-to-understand user interface, and comparing the remarkable similarity of their email experiences, Redman joined with Mayes to found the Ezian company, with the objective that the best email software could and should be developed. The result of those efforts is the Ezian, easy email program.