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Getting your email

You can get your email two ways, automatically or manually.

  1. Getting your mail manually
    Click Get on the opening Ezian screen. 

  2. Getting your email automatically
    Ezian will Get your mail automatically at whatever time interval you designate (5 minute minimum.)   To have mail picked up automatically, click Prefs from the opening screen then the tab marked Getting. Check the appropriate box for each of your email identities (mail accounts). 

Get is also called downloading
Get can also be called "downloading" because that is what happens; your email is downloaded from your mail server (like your ISP or wherever you get your mail) to your computer.

Ezian allows you to have many different email accounts.
Add a new one to Ezian by clicking Prefs from the main screen and New to create a new mail identity. 

Skipping certain mail accounts
You can tell Ezian which email accounts you want picked up.  Just use Prefs Getting and check the appropriate boxes. 

Choosing to leave mail on your mail server
When you Get your mail it is normally deleted from your mail server, otherwise you would get the same mail over and over. To change your settings about leaving mail on the server, click Prefs from the opening screen, then select the appropriate identity and click Edit.  Then you can click the check box to Leave mail on server. Only use this feature if you have a special reason.

The Progress Bar
When you click Get, you will see a Progress panel.  This is simply to provide you with useful information.

How to tell when you have received new mail
Ezian will alert you in three ways to let you know that new mail has arrived:

  1. by sound.  You can turn the sound on or off in the Prefs menu. 
  2. by popping up the Mailbox.  You can turn this on or off in the Prefs menu. 
  3. by a change in the taskbar icon.  The visual signal is a tiny blinking envelope on the taskbar. 

Reading the mail you have got
Ezian will pop up the Mailbox when new mail has arrived. You can read it at any time:

Setting Preferences for Getting Mail
See the Getting page in Prefs.