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Filing your mail into custom Mailboxes

Ezian makes it easy

Creating new mailboxes
You can easily create new custom mailboxes.  Simply click on the "New mailbox" label in the "File in mailboxes" section of the Mailbox. 

This entry panel shows:

Just type in the name you wish for a new mailbox. Click OK.

To demonstrate, we show a mailbox name of "Club news" typed in.
Clicking OK will add that new mailbox into the "File in mailboxes" listing.

To file an email into a mailbox.

  1. Highlight (select) the email you wish to file,
  2. Click on a mailbox name.
  3. A panel shows with two options to either file the email selected, or to view the mailbox you clicked on.
  4. Click File email.

The mail you selected disappears from the listing in the mailbox, because it is now filed in the mailbox you selected. 

Filing multiple emails
You can file more than one email at once in the same mailbox. 

  1. Select multiple emails in your mailbox center window (hold down the Ctrl key and click the left mouse button for multiple selections).
  2. Click the Mailbox name to file under.
  3. The Mailboxes options panel appears.
  4. Click File email  to file all the emails.
Viewing mail in Custom Mailboxes

After filing mail, you can click on a mailbox and view its contents.