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Reading and Filing mail

Clicking on Read from the opening screen shows this screen.  This is your mailbox: where you read your incoming mail, plus all mail which you have previously filed.
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In addition, the mailbox allows you to reply to mail, forward it to others, print it, or file into custom mailboxes. From the mailbox you can also add to your address book the email address of anyone who sent you mail.

You can also Delete mail (send it to a Trash box), and Undelete mail from the trash.

Click on any mail subject  to select it (highlight it).   You will see that mail displayed in the viewing area at the bottom.

Three ways to have an expanded view of your mail:

  1. Click on the small square in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  This causes the entire mailbox to be displayed on the full screen.
  2. Use the scrolling arrows to the right of the mail viewing area to see more of a long email.
  3. Use the Zoom button to make the email take up the whole window.


Emails can have files sent with them at the same time, called attachments.  A flashing View button shows when an email has an attachment.

Filing your mail

Ezian lets you file your mail in custom mailboxes.  Read about creating and filing in custom mailboxes, and viewing the filed emails.