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Attaching files

These are files which accompany your email and are sent along with your message. These are files which are sent along with your message to the recipient. They can be any kind of file at all -- spreadsheets, images, documents or other files.

You can attach files to an email which you are composing by clicking the Attach button.  This action displays the standard Windows file management window where you can navigate to find the file you want to attach.  When the file has been selected, which you are attaching, click the open button.  The file name you chose now appears in the Attach box on the Ezian compose window. 

There are two ways to select multiple files to attach.  One way is to repeat the process just described.  A second is to use Ctrl Left Click while in a single folder in the Windows file navigation window to make additional selections.  This will enable multiple selections in the same folder. Repeat the steps for other folders.  When you click Send, the files you attached will be sent along with your message.