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Pull in live Ezines from a button in your mailbox
-live menu pulled from the web  - updated hourly  -articles come instantly in as email
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Ezian is free. Yes, absolutely free.

Ezian is brought to you by lets you host a website in your own computer with just a dialup connection.



It's a button in your Mailbox. 
View the Ezian Ezine live menu..

Ezines button connects to a live Ezine 
Retrieve a dynamic Ezine menu. This menu changes day to day with new choices. 
Instantly into your mailbox
Choose from an exciting array of interesting articles, which you "pull." 
News, entertainment, even fiction
There are 9 news choices. Some update hourly.  Travel articles, humor and lyrics.
Only when you want it
You decide what to bring in.   Excellent articles are obtained dynamically from the web. 

  You are in control. 
Pull in articles only when you want them.  You're not put on a mailing list. 

Not like subscribed
Those ezines flood a mailbox with emails. 

Ebook readability 
In the mailbox, Zoom  shows retrievals with an uncluttered Ebook style screen.

Latest Ezian info 
Here will be the up to the minute Ezian product news.

Saves surfing time
 Sometimes you only have a few minutes to be online to check your mail.  With Ezian Ezines you can get items "on the fly" to read later when you are not connected. 

"I'm not surfing, I'm just reading my email."  Hey, nothing wrong with that!

  Chases the "empty mailbox blues"
Ends the disappointment of no mail  You are never without the joy of receiving some mail and it's only the most current articles of subjects you really want to read about. 

The Ezian Ezines feature  is lots of fun.