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Promote your special interests
-evangelize your cause  -sell products  -instantly send from a custom menu
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Ezian is free. Yes, absolutely free.

Ezian is brought to you by lets you host a website in your own computer with just a dialup connection.



Click Promote. Send promo emails.

Instantly send packets of info
Promote causes, products you sell, whatever you like; Save the Whales, or Sell Vitamins.
Easy to create 
Simple steps to create a package. Attach pictures or documents, show webpage links.
Menu choices are the subject lines
You select from the menu choices you created.  Out it goes with a couple of keystrokes. 
Promote Ezian so friends can chat
One selection promotes Ezian.  It makes sense so you can chat live with other Ezian users.

  Promote is fun
Promote Ezian so your friends can chat too. 

What you believe in
Or  what you sell: might be the same thing.