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Friends list is the main menu
Name button creates and changes  - drag and drop names  -groups and folders
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Ezian Ezine
Friends list
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Amazing help
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Ezian is excellent
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Ezian is free. Yes, absolutely free.

Ezian is brought to you by lets you host a website in your own computer with just a dialup connection.



Drag and drop names
Hold down left mouse button to drag a new location, like to a group.
Create Groups 
You can then highlight a group name and send to the entire group
Add a new name.  Click Name button.
Highlight "Blank entry" and click Name to add a new name 
Choose the Identity they know you as
Drop down a list of all your email id's.  Ezian keeps it straight for emails and chat.
More button shows personal info form
A complete personal info page is revealed with the More button.

 To change a name
Just highlight the name to change and click  Name.  Edit the info