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Rapidly write an email  - automatic send options -One click group mailings
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Ezian is free. Yes, absolutely free.

Ezian is brought to you by lets you host a website in your own computer with just a dialup connection.

Click on Write. You have four choices

Just highlight name.  Click Write 
Your "friends" list, or addressbook is the main menu.  You see four choices.
Easy  "one time" sends 
Just highlight "Blank entry" to send to someone you are not putting into your address book. 
Send to an entire group
Arrange names in a group in the addressbook.  Highlight it.  Everybody gets the email.

  Compose   Compose an email to send now, or later, or save as a draft or form letter.
Send file   Any file sent with a few clicks without you having to write an email.
Send Link   A live link to any webpage you are viewing  with no email to compose.
Promote   Info to send shows on a custom menu.   Anything from religion to revolution.

  Automatically generated Email
When you click on the automatic send options, Send File and, Send Link ,  Ezian generates an email automatically, (you don't have to write anything).  The email they receive has a generic message like "here is a file you might like". You have a chance to personalize those supplied messages as you send. Or you can change your generic messages by clicking the Prefs button on the main menu.