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Get and send Yahoo mail
-no need to launch a browser  -mail is on your own computer  -as many id's as you wish
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Ezian is free. Yes, absolutely free.

Ezian is brought to you by lets you host a website in your own computer with just a dialup connection.

Enter info only once with a simple wizard.

Your mail is on your computer
Your Yahoo email is in your machine, both incoming and outgoing. 
All accounts picked up.
All your Yahoo mail, from as many id's as you have, comes right into Ezian. 
Easy pickup
Just click Get anytime, or set in Prefs>Getting to get it automatically.
No need to log in
After setting up in Ezian there's no need to visit their websites. No need to launch a browser.
Send as your id's
Mail sent  as Yahoo id's looks to your recipient as coming from those websites

  Ezian remembers
Even for multiple ids,  Ezian remembers all of your Yahoo login info.
You never type any ids or passwords to retrieve or send all your mail
Your id's match how your friends know you
In the addressbook (friends list) you choose how each friend knows you. Ezian automatically makes sure you never send as the wrong id.