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Send files, like pictures, with a few keystrokes
-sending photos just got easy  - no email to write
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Ezian is free. Yes, absolutely free.

Ezian is brought to you by lets you host a website in your own computer with just a dialup connection.



Click Write. Send a picture in seconds.

Pictures sent while surfing or chatting
Pop up Ezian from the taskbar icon, choose a name, click Write, then Send File.
Send a "pic" with a couple of clicks
Click, click, and you are choosing a file to send, maybe a picture.  And off it goes, 
Without composing a message
Or typing a subject, or an address or doing an attachment.   Ezian creates all of that for you. 

  Send several
Ezian pops up a file selection menu.  Click Add and they go right into a box for sending.

  Files are collected ready to send
Our example shows three pic files and a document file (any kind of file). 
Generic message
There is an accompanying generic message, which you can personalize . 
Send instantly to anyone
At any email address.  People don't have to be online, or be  Ezian users. 
Use Send file for voicemails
Yes, Ezian makes voicemail easy.  Record with the built-in Windows sound recorder. 
Play them with Mailbox "View"
 Ezian's View button plays the voicemail on the recipient's player automatically.