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How do you create a Signature for email?

  1. Click Prefs.  Create Accounts (Id's) panel shows.  Click Add or Edit.
  2. If you click Add you see the Add an Email Account Wizard. The Signature button appears on one of the Wizard panels.
  3. If you click Edit on an Account ID you have already created,  the Signature button is available with other account info.
  4. Click Signature.  Signature selection panel is displayed.
  5. Click Add.  Create Signature panel is displayed.
  6. Type in a Signature name.  This is just for a menu entry for selection later.
  7. Type in your Signature text.  Could be your name, your nickname, company name, slogan or funny saying.
  8. Click Ok when complete.
  9. Signature now appears as a menu item on Signature selection panel.